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Walker and I never were able to have children, and to be frank about it, you have become the daughter we never had!!!” Hearing these two dear people speak of her in such loving terms, caused Marie's eyes to tear up as she thought of how wonderful they had been to her, and not only had they taken her into their home, they had taken her into their bed as well, making sure that she received all of the love and affection a young girl needed!!! So here she was, standing naked before them, while her nipples hardened and her vagina dampened just thinking about how much the Walkers meant to her!!!

As Payton Walker continued speaking, Audra held out her arms and indicated that she wanted her little girl to come and sit on her lap, which is just what she was hoping for!!! “We want you to know that there were several reasons we chose you to move in with us,” Payton offered, “first of all you seemed like a very sweet girl and we wanted to be sure that who ever we selected would return our love, secondly, even though you were already eighteen, you looked many years younger than that, which made it seem like we had a much younger little girl!!!” While her husband was continuing, Audra held her little one to her chest and rocked her back and forth while softly brushing her blonde hair with her hand!!! “So,” he added, “we were more than willing to give you a chance, and as it turned out you fit right in to our little family!!!” Audra then chimed in, “And although it certainly was not a prerequisite, we have to admit that we were more than a little happy to find out that you were so very orally inclined, both for Mr , Walker!?!” “Here, let me help you child,” Audra said, “see how this fits around your waist and buckles right here in front, and this small vibrator slips into this sheath which allows it to remain inside of your vagina as long as you wear the harness!!!” Marie held the leather contraption in her small hands, while her vagina immediately flooded itself as she thought of herself being constantly stimulated by the little hummer!!! To the delight of both Audra and Payton, Marie asked softly, “May I try it on now, ma'am?!?” “Of course you may, dear,” she replied, “but before you do, Mr, ,

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