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“You certainly seem ready to me!”

The fury inside of Michelle was now spinning out of control, so without even bothering to answer, Michelle grabbed Sandy by the back of the neck and practically forced her face directly into her now drooling pussy , ”

The waitress dropped delivered their lunches, so for the next five minutes or so, they both ate in silence until Sandy asked softly, “Tell me the truth now, are you aroused right now, I mean at this very minute?”

After wiping her lips with her napkin and taking a sip of water, Michelle leaned forward and whispered, “Hon, my pussy is absolutely on fire, and I could cum just from pressing my thighs together if I tried hard enough!”

“Really,” Sandy replied in a husky voice, ”

“And how would you be doing that,” Michelle asked in a sultry voice, “with your fingers or your mouth?”

“With my mouth,” Sandy replied with enthusiasm, “of course I'd suck your clit until you came in my mouth and flooded me with your juice, After wobbling from side to side a couple of times, she sat down on the hard toilet seat and spread her legs wide apart

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